Tuxedo Junction

Western North Carolina’s Premier Dance Band!

Band Members

But the organizations he has founded and fronted from night club “house bands” to touring bands have entertained countless thousands.  Joey has worked with notable, internationally-known artists from Tommy James & the Shondells, Chubby Checker, Chicago, Three Dog Night and Rick Nelson to John Denver, Barbara Mandrell, Andy Williams and many more.  His first recording contract was with his band, The Looking Glass, signed by Decca Records.


Joey’s obsessions with his bands have always centered around offering a wide variety of musical styles, outstanding vocal leads and harmonies, and the tightest, most professional acts he can offer the public.  The two bands showcased here represent the strictest adherence to those principles!  For both Tuxedo Junction and Simple Folk, Joey makes this promise, “Hire the band once and you’ll be a fan. Over the two+ decades of Tuxedo Junction, we have yet to have a dissatisfied client and some of our country club clients are still using us annually after almost twenty years!”

Drummer, Joey Moore.

Joey Moore


Founder, band leader and drummer/lead vocalist for Tuxedo Junction and Simple Folk, Joey has a history in area and regional pop music that dates back, well, let’s just say a long time!  Band names over the decades are too numerous to mention and not of any great significance. 

Amy Rae



Amy Rae’s heart belongs to jazz, but she is equally at home performing Motown (a la Aretha Franklin), original folk, and most anything in between.

Born into a family of classical musicians, Amy was on her way to a career playing French horn (attending Interlochen Arts Academy and Southern Methodist University on full scholarships) when she discovered musical theater, jazz, and Joni Mitchell.  She switched her attention to voice performance, earning a B.A. in Voice, and enjoying many musical and acting roles in Chicago and the Boston area.  While in Chicago, Amy joined the television and film industry, and became a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.  Amy cut her jazz teeth while studying with Chicago’s great jazz vocalist, Jackie Allen, and eventually led her own swing bands “Vitamin Love” and “The Swing Rays”. Amy’s belief in the power of artistic expression lead her to the study of Expressive Arts while in the Boston area (earning an M.A. in Expressive Arts Therapies). A mountain and small-town girl at heart, Amy put down roots in Western North Carolina, and joined the faculty of the Asheville Music School in 2002. Staying close enough to home to tuck her little boy into bed most nights, Amy pours her heart into performing with one of the region’s favorite variety bands, Tuxedo Junction.

Guitarist, Jim Taylor.

Jim Taylor

Jim has been performing professionally since 1974. The singer-songwriter’s work has been praised in such magazines as Billboard, Dirty Linen and Bluegrass Unlimited. 

From 1976 to 1985, he led the Nashville-based Taylor & Stone Band, a six-piece country-rock outfit that toured tirelessly throughout the United States and Europe, releasing 11 singles and two albums of original songs.  Since moving to Asheville in 1988, Jim has performed solo, with The Forest Hill Band, with his bluegrass group, The Shady Oak Ramblers, the Americana/Folk band, Simple Folk, and with Tuxedo Junction.  Jim has released four critically acclaimed solo CD’s: Time Flies (1995), The Health Adventure (1998), Tell Me A Story (1999), and Momentum: Songs About Science (2006).  Jim also sang lead and was a featured songwriter on the Forest Hill Band’s 1999 CD, “Step On It.”        Jim’s song “Rolling Away” was just released by The Chapmans, a nationally touring bluegrass band from Missouri.

Guitarist, Dave de la Rosa.Bass player, Joel Pressman.Keyboardist, Mari Jo Brannan.

Mari Jo Brannan


Mari Jo, rounding out the sound on keyboards and vocals, comes to us from Florida after living in Hawaii, where she enjoyed a career playing Keyboards and singing on dinner cruises and in hotels, as well as teaching her craft to students from 1st grade to age 82!

Although Mari Jo enjoys playing in a broad range of musical genres, and adeptly covers other artists' music, her distinctive musical voice shines through in her original songwriting which she has produced with elaborate orchestration on her CD, "Living Hearts" (for a sampling go to MariJoBrannan.com).  Other than in Tuxedo Junction, you may find her performing solo around Asheville, and with local musicians, Dave Wendelin & Friends.  When not performing and composing, Mari Jo, having joined the faculty of Asheville Music School in 2008, enjoys teaching her craft, and has a strong following of students learning classical, pop and jazz piano.

Singer, Amy Rae.

Dave de la Rosa


Dave grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and started playing guitar in 1963, at the age of ten.  The crooning vocals of teen idol, Ricky Nelson, and the sweet solos of his lead guitarist, James Burton; the guitar-driven instrumental group, the Ventures; and the new sensation from Liverpool, the Beatles; these were the elements that would influence Dave to sing and play the guitar. 

His older brother, John, taught him how to hold the guitar, play notes and chords, and then learning to play songs by listening to records and emulating the sounds that he heard, Dave quickly developed an ear for reproducing the current popular styles.  His first band, Unexpected Company, got regular offers to play the Ft.Lauderdale nightclub scene, though they rarely got to actually play; the members were only 14 years old at the time.  Dave continued to play in local bands throughout his school years, and then became more of a solo acoustic performer in the 1970s.


The 1980s brought Dave to North Carolina, where he attended the Audio Engineering program at UNC-Asheville and fine-tuned his appreciation for quality of sound.  Residing in Hendersonville, he enjoys songwriting and recording in his home studio, as well as playing music he loves, and grew up with, in these professional bands, Tuxedo Junction and Simple Folk.

Joel Pressman


Joel has provided the kicking low-end of the five-string bass for Tuxedo Junction since 2005 and Simple Folk since 2003.  A guitarist for the first twenty years of his musical career, Pressman cut his musical teeth on everything from the folk-rock classics of the ‘70s to the jazz-funk styles of Steely Dan and Frank Zappa.

Joel was born in New York City, spent his teen years in south Florida, then traveled the country playing music and experiencing myriad musical impressions before entering pharmacy school.  Well-known for his tasteful bass arrangements in other area acts from jazz to Latin, Pressman more than rounds out the strong rhythm sections for both TJ and SF, not an easy task to fill with the huge variety of musical styles offered by both groups!