Tuxedo Junction

Western North Carolina’s Premier Dance Band!

About Us

You’re visiting the Tuxedo Junction website!  First of all . . . WELCOME and thank you for taking a minute or two to check us out.  Further, since you’re here, you’re either already a fan OR . . . maybe you need a band!  We’ll make it simple for you:  regionally, there is NO live entertainment with the experience, the variety of material or the sheer volume of clients - not to mention, REPEAT CLIENTS, some almost two decades! - in four states that have loved what we do! 

Tuxedo Junction band members.

Wedding receptions - in the hundreds, from movie stars to senators to nationally-known corporate giants . . . country clubs and gated communities - over one hundred different clients, plus festivals, nightclubs, organizational events and private parties too numerous to mention.  We’ve delighted clients from late teens to late eighties demographically and . . . we guarantee that if you decide to hire this band, you’ll go home satisfied that Tuxedo Junction was one of the best - if not the best - decision you made in planning your event!


Enjoy your visit to our site - also, don’t miss the information about our Americana/folk-rock quartet, Simple Folk - and PLEASE don’t hesitate to call or e-mail if you have questions or want some more information.  We’ll always have time to address your needs.  Thanks again!


                                                                                        Joey Moore